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Sunday is a perfect day to browse my magazines for great recipes … now what have we got here ?

This sounds so yummy  Stay organized while going thru your magazines     It is not unusul for me to sift through magazines looking for easy but interesting dishes to prepare. I got this from a dear Face Book friend I actually received 2 recipes that sound yummy and are pretty quick to put together here is the main dish MEAT LOAF——-CUP CAKES 5 person serving–1 cup per.person OR adj. as needed. pre. heat oven … Read More

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Rosemarie Rossetti Ph.D. (via Functionall’s Blog)

This coming week … Austin Event

Rosemarie Rossetti Ph.D. What is universal design ? and what does it have to do with interior design or decorating ?         Rosemarie is an expert on this subject and she will be visiting the fair city of Austin Texas this week on July 22nd to give an informative seminar on the subject.  Currently in the middle of her own UDLL Home build she has invaluable information to impa … Read More

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Rosemarie Rossetti Ph.D.

As we proceed into the 21st century Designers & Decorators can expect to utilize Universal Design more and more …………

An exceptional News Letter …that always pleases the reader

Here is an excerpt from a recent post …..

In October of 1959 Bertha Berman was issued the first patent for a fitted bed sheet; the most remarkable aspects of this patenting were the facts that the patentee was Female and of African-American descent, at that point in our countries history these were not good odds.

Now Dessert …….

Relax while baking a yummy dessert for girls night in

This sounds so yummy

Yummy Meat Loaf Cup Cakes ! Quick and easy

Hello world!

Evette Rios will be sharing a list of “Guest Room Necessities”
Watch the TODAY Show July 22nd for our National Debut !