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Our Old Pecan Trees

Tree Trimming

Who knew ?


We have several large very old Pecan trees in our front yard.
I love them so very much …their lush and green and provide a wonderful shade and fabulous pecans. 

Last week my husand decided it was high time some of the dying limbs should be trimmed so …..Snip snip SNIP ! 

A couple of my friends had visited during this process and had expressed excitment at the old dead limbs lying around waiting to be hauled away. 

After listening to their reasons for adoring the old wood I decided to hook them up so … 

Firstly I started dragging pieces of wood down the block to my neighbors why ? Because Pecan wood is a great to BBQ with it has a wonderful  smokey taste to it ..very distinct quite flavorful 

Then I gathered some more smaller limbs and sent them to my dear artistic decorator friend for some art projects she is pondering on … 

My old Pecan tree has been useful to the very last branch 

I never knew how flavorful Pecan wood is for BBQ ing purposes

Pecan Trees are wonderful .. there is no waste


I am so glad my friends share their knowledge with me ..I learn every day all day long !


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