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Evette Rios N.Y.C. Taste Maker Evette Rios does it again

Although very young  Evette Rios has already enmassed quite a few claims to fame.  

You never know where you will see her

You may have seen her on the Rachel Ray show she and Gal Pal Rachel Ray enjoy laughing it up on and off the screen  

Always fun with Evette

A night out with good friend RR

Too much fun

or perhaps you may have seen her on HGTV ….. Evette is no stranger to style and fashion and she has done her fair share of home make overs.

 The Lady is very talented and full of personality to boot.  

Always a pleasure to watch you can look forward to another dose of this bubbly and vivacous darling this  Thursday July 22nd         

on NBC the TODAY Show !   

The Topic will be “Guest Room Necessities”  

We all have them; over night .. weekend .. holiday guests   

Whatever the case homes are often a blither getting ready for overnight company.  

Evette has some very cool finds that will most certainly impress your guests. 

My personal goal is that my company feel welcome and at home but not so much so that they never leave …lol  just teasing   

Evette is the master of comfy & cozy spaces so sit back and watch as she reveals her MUST HAVES this coming Thursday !  

Here is a link for Evette


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