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This sounds so yummy

Stay organized while going thru your magazines  

It is not unusul for me to sift through magazines looking for easy but interesting dishes to prepare.

I got this from a dear Face Book friend I actually received 2 recipes that sound yummy and are pretty quick to put together here is the main dish

5 person serving–1 cup per.person OR adj. as needed.

pre. heat oven for 350 ….bake for 35min’s or until well brown
adj. according to oven type. & 35min’s is for a dark tin pan,
bake longer for light tin pan.

Heat @ low temp. 3/4 C milk
remove from heat & add 1C bread crumbs
and add 1 egg/mix together
Set aside for adding to meat mixture..later
Ground Beef / Use extra lean…. to judge per. serving..per. person. make a lrg. beef paty for one serving, & use this as a one serving per. person,judgment. This will help in the portion of beef needed to make your dish.

So, this dish is for 5 serving… 5 people.
5 hand-fulls of lean beef…. place in lrg. mixing bowl
1 med. – lrg.grated carrot
1 stick of cellery… choped
1 med. – lrg. onion/yellow…choped
1 tsp. garlic….. chopped
1 tsp. extra verg. olive oil
pinch of salt
Optional: add 2 tsp.soya sauce
2 tsp. steak sauce or bbq. sauce
Mix all these ingred. into beef, INCLUDING the bread & milk mixture
Now, place the beef mixture into muffin tin…do not use muffin paper liners. No need to spray muffin tin either. Place beef into bear muffin tin portions. OR in the loaf pan, for one lrg. beef loaf to be cut into portions for serving…. THE MUFFIN TIN IS A NICE INDIVIDUAL SIZE SERVING, AND KEEP’S THE PLATE PRESENTATION NEAT.


5 Tbs. Ketchup
2 Tbs. dijion mustard
1 Tsp. brown sugar
pinch of salt

Thank you to my dear FB friend,
Brenda Parker


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