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 Hello World !      

Welcome to the FunctionAll Blog my name is Teresa Joyce and I am a linen designer with an insatiable passion for function and organization.My job is to add a completely new dimension of fun and function to the bedroom;this is accomplished with the help of FunctionAll Linens.      

The best question anyone can ask is:      

 What the bleep are FunctionAll Linens?       

Wikipedia’s defenition of functional linens are bed sheets /linens that wear and wash well;I can honestly say by that definition about 90% of  all linens fit the description.      

Thread count is great .. fabric choices are wonderful form and fit have been patented for some time now however; here at The Pocket Shop we  observed a gap ..something was missing FUNCTION       

FunctionAll Linens strives for more;this being said we offer a very unique bed sheet design for almost every convenience or need.The scope of benefits are quite broad as are the demographics this bed sheet appeals to.      

 One of my observations of the human nature is our love of convenience and efficiency combined with the fact that we spend 33% of our lives in bed and bed time has changed in the past half of a century.The change is quite apparent example 60 years or so ago the bed had a primary and a secondary function Sleep & Sex.In what order I cannot say …lol For those with sleep issues such as insomnia it is advised by sleep specialist to continue with this simple regimine of sleep & sex ONLY.I am one of the lucky ones (at least 50% of the time often I am semi lounging while working on my projects late into the evening for these late nights I require more; and I always have. I just did not know what and did not think too much about it until one ill fated morning when I could not find my eye glasses.Oh gosh I was searching everywhere,the sheets were flying I found this I found that but no glasses and then there they were totally broken.I was very frustrated and asked myself how can I avoid this happening again?When the answer came to me it was realized that it was also the answer to a few more bed time issues.In our time together I will take you through a collection of beautiful bedrooms,small one rooms,guest rooms and more.Together we will see wonderful examples of beauty and functional design feel free to comment as well as share your own bedroom / sleeping space challenges with us all.      

Do not be surprised if we visit other rooms in the home and toss around a myriad of subjects.      

Expect the unexpected here.      

This is a place where anything is possible …….


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  1. HI! Hope I put the link right on my page…if I need to change it LMK :o)

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago
    • * functionall says:

      Hi Stephanie !
      Sweetheart firstly you are too sweet to put this link on your page secondly forgive me please for this slow response and not much posting going on yet ….
      This is all so very new to me and your support means the world ..I will begin posting on a regular basis 1x weekly ..I do not want to bore anyone 😉
      Your the BEST !

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 7 months ago

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